Ee9d6f1dcb530143d3c205eb95898045Justin KolbergAugust 31, 2012 19:04

As you may have noticed, Reach Service Record is no longer functional. In late March, 343 Industries took over Halo Reach services from Bungie. 343 Industries will not providing an API for us to use with our app (we require one to display information on your gamertags). We have asked them to bring back the API but we have been ignored. As a result, we have decided to shut down Reach Service Record as it is no longer possible for it to function as intended.

We hope that 343 Industries will create publicly-accessible APIs for their future games. We'd love to create more apps similar to Reach Service Record for the community to use.

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Thanks for all your support and we hope that you enjoyed the app while it lasted!